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Dual Quaternion and IK spine don't gel?

Hello there!

I’m having this issue when rotating the ik spine ctrl far enough (only on z), the skin decides to leave it’s joints behind… something similar happens on the ik neck. But not on any of the fk controls.

I have encountered this before. And it seems to be solved by setting the bind method to classic linear. This isn’t ideal though. I was wondering what might be causing this and if there is a better way to fix it?

Hello @Maya.K and welcome to our forum which has an awesome community!

So soungs like you are using DualQuaternium skinning right? If you are using it and using older version than Maya 2019 you can to non uniforme scale. Pass that version 2019 to 2020.1 (or.2) have an issue with non uniform scaling on DQ rigs… that been said the issue you have is due to the fact that when using DQ skinning you need to turn off the following setting on your SkinNode


If you are on newer versions of Maya 2019 and above I would recommend using uniform scaling when building the rig on the guides settings.

Let me know if this helps as it is poorly summarized.


Hi Jerome!

Aha, that worked! Glad there’s such a simple fix. Thanks so much!