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Duplicate Symmetry not working

So I am building a quad rig and was just about to duplicate symmetry the back legs and nothing happens…

No warning comes up either. I’ve recreated the leg and it seems that nothing is duplicating under this specific guide. I’ve updated, exported and imported but it’s still not working. I have also made sure it is assigned the Left side.

as soon as I make a new guide it works again so it must be some commands not functioning in my guide.

Anyone have an idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks for all the amazing Feedback so far :grinning:

Don’t know if this will help, but go over your guides names to make sure you don’t have double _L0_L0 , or other naming issues. That happened to me sometimes.

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i just had the same problem a minute ago the error was “Can’t symmetrize central component”.
Check your guide hierarchy if a child somewhere is still set to center it won’t work.

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actually scratch that. i still get the same message.

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Thanks for the tip, it wasn’t that one this time… Zan got it right

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That worked for me zan, I was just about to update… I had a UI control that was centered under the hierarchy of the leg… it worked now :smile:

yeah i just realized all my fingers are set to center not just the one :slight_smile:

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the simple things :sweat_smile::joy:

I was there also :slight_smile:
but when I managed to understand why, it was because the MENU does not update when you select a different branch/arm. So I was under the impression all arms were Left side.

There is however an issue when duplicating MULTIPLE arms/legs…

I make 3 Left side Legs and space them correctly, I can go through and duplicate symmetry individually with success, but this is a pain if you have many things you need to do this for (Imagine a centipede).

Is it possible to duplicate all legs of 1 side to the other simultaneously together?


I think the reason for that is because it can get very complex to deal with potential nested multiple selections.

But maybe if there was a check to see if all the selected components were in different hierarchies, it would be safe.

In the meantime, those commands can always be scripted if you have an extreme case like a centipede.

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Thanks Chris,

I’m new to mGear myself, trying it as an addition on-top of HIK.
I don’t know any scripting myself, so I’m just trying to work out the boundaries I would face working without scripting and mGear. (With occasionally nicking other peoples scripts of course) :slight_smile:

Hi, just bringing this back with a different error. I’m having problems also with the Duplicate Sym button. I’m editing my guide, so I delete the R side and I edit the L side. Then if I click the Dupl.Sym button again nothing happens and I receive this error en in the scrip editor:

Checking guide
Get options
Get controllers
Get components
shoulder_L0 (shoulder_02)

# Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "Z:\utilities\maya\rigging\2018\modules\mGear\scripts\mgear\shifter\", line 48, in duplicate
#     guide.duplicate(root, sym)
#   File "Z:\utilities\maya\rigging\2018\modules\mGear\scripts\mgear\shifter\", line 850, in duplicate
#     self.setFromHierarchy(root)
#   File "Z:\utilities\maya\rigging\2018\modules\mGear\scripts\mgear\shifter\", line 401, in setFromHierarchy
#     self.findComponentRecursive(root, branch)
#   File "Z:\utilities\maya\rigging\2018\modules\mGear\scripts\mgear\shifter\", line 581, in findComponentRecursive
#     self.findComponentRecursive(child)
#   File "Z:\utilities\maya\rigging\2018\modules\mGear\scripts\mgear\shifter\", line 581, in findComponentRecursive
#     self.findComponentRecursive(child)
#   File "Z:\utilities\maya\rigging\2018\modules\mGear\scripts\mgear\shifter\", line 571, in findComponentRecursive
#     comp_guide.setFromHierarchy(node)
#   File "Z:\utilities\maya\rigging\2018\modules\mGear\scripts\mgear\shifter\component\", line 219, in setFromHierarchy
#     self.setParamDefValuesFromProperty(self.root)
#   File "Z:\utilities\maya\rigging\2018\modules\mGear\scripts\mgear\shifter\", line 124, in setParamDefValuesFromProperty
#     cnx[0],
# IndexError: list index out of range

Even if I just open a guide,I delete the R shoulder and I run the duplicate Sym, it’s not working.

Also I have the same problem trying just to duplicate the L arm. The error is the same.

Some have an idea?

can you check if any object in the guide have bad naming? like 2 time the side arm_L0_L0_root

Ah! I found it! The names where fine but at some point I deleted the keys that some roots have (like spine, arms or legs components) to define the squash and stretch settings. As soon as I restored that keys everything worked again. Thanks!

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