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Duplicating extracted ctrls to the opposite side


Hi there, I’m a week into mgear and loving it! I have hit a speedbump though, I have extracted controls for my Left Leg setup but when I duplicate symmetry the guide over it doesn’t copy over the new customized controls

I tried duplicating the ctrls under the ctrl_org file and renaming them from L0 to R0 but that broke the system.

How do I go about it?



If you’re using mGear 3.2 there’s a new mirror controls shapes button under the rigbits menu.
So you can try to duplicate symmetry like usual, it will build without custom control shapes for your right leg.
Then, when the rig is built, mirror the controls shapes either for the entire rig, or just for selected controls.
Make sure you select the left side controls first, then the right side.
Once they’re mirrored, select either all controls or only the mirrored ones on the right leg, and extract them again.
Now, when you rebuild, they will apply.

Hope this helps.


Hi Tsahi,

Thanks for the help, I am actually using 3.0 so I don’t have the mirror ctrls option. I have downloaded it now but I have an issue where i can no longer build my rig, it has a root error. Is mgear forward compatable or is it suggested that you remain in one version until you have completed the rig ?

If i cannot get it to work i can just duplicate the ctrls myself and extract them… thank you so much for the information


nvm, I found the cause, one of my roots had the C0_C0 Error… Everything is working now… Thanks again Tsahi :grin:


I switched from 3.1.1 to 3.2 in the middle of rigging two characters and had no issues with the version switch.


So between 3.0.5 and 3.2.0 I found that something happened to my hierarchy with my leg and my foot when mirroring and extracting both controls on both sides. So I’ve just gone back to 3.0.5 as i don’t want to restart this specific rig before my deadline.

I’ve just been mirroring and extracting the new old fashioned way :smile: