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End control of Chain have wrong orientation

I am having an issue with the end control of the chain. I noticed that the orientation doesn’t match the rest of the chain.

I think that it seemed to be zeroed out. Does anyone know how it can be fixed

That doesn’t look zeroed out. It looks flipped. Check your controllers, and I bet it’s the same. It’s not a joint issue.

And it is not just the end. Do another test with 5 or 6 controllers, and you’ll see the flip happens depending on the rotation of your guides.

Try rotating your chain component blade 90 degrees or -90 degrees, so that it has a different upvector. And it should calculate the angles differently.

Right now I am guessing your blade is pointing up. When I test a -90 rotation, then all my controllers get the same orientation.

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Thanks @chrislesage for the quick response. Yes, setting it from 180 to 90 fixed the issue.
Now, it breaks the control mirroring behavior, is it possible to keep changing joint orientation while keeping the control axis different?

What does “breaks” mean?

Sure, why not. It’s just nodes and connections. But you’ll have to do it yourself manually, in a post script, or in a custom component.

But don’t jump to conclusions. Is your mirroring breaking because you manually changed the blade on both sides? Delete one side and mirror symmetrically to make sure it chooses the right value. Did you double check that you are in local rotation and not global rotation? Etc.

I did a quick test and it seems to mirror fine for me. But you should include more information like Maya version, mGear version, and which specific chain component you are using. Maybe I’m not testing the same thing you are testing.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply.
I am using the 4.1.1 version and Maya 2022.
By mirroring, I meant that on selecting both control for left and right side, axis don’t rotate in same direction. It is happening because I have checked “Override Negate Axis Direction For “R” side”" on purpose. It is working when it is not checked.

Do you have an example for it? :slight_smile: