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EPIC_mannequin_leg calf joint flip past 90 degree rotate

Hi folks, I tried to see if anyone else was having the same issue but I haven’t been able to find it.

I am using maya 2019.3 and mGear v4.0.7

I am trying to get the joints in the left leg to orient along X by adding an orientation offset in the guide for -90. The joints line up correctly.

However the issue is that when I use either FK or IK controllers to bend the knee past -90 degrees(in Rotate Z on the fk controller, Rotate Y on the joint) the calf_l joint flips 180 in both RotateX and RotateZ, causing the RotateY value to flip as well, breaking any set driven keys I make.

I did do some playing around and set the rotation mult X and rotation mult Z to -1 in the mgear constraint that connects to the knee and it seems to fix that flip but im definately not sure about the flow on affects of a change like that