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EPIC Mannequin slight translation when building

Greetings. I’m currently trying to match the UE5 Mannequin using the guides, by snapping the guides to the skeleton’s position. However, when building the guides, the newly created joints are very, very slightly misaligned

(green = built joints, light blue = UE5 mannequin joints)

Actually solved this by going into the locator - mgear_rollSpline node and changing the U. Sorry!

the solution is “correct” but be aware of the sampling of the rollSpline solver and avoid the 0.0 or 1.0 values
it needs a little tangency to work correctly for example 0.01 or .99

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Yeah but it makes some values in translate and rotate, so the skeleton isn’t very clean to me.
I would love for the skeleton to have clean rotations and translations values.
Also, when using controls, it seems that the bones weird values in rotations and not aiming 100% to the child joint (or the child joint translate a little bit). So i’m wondering if this is usable for games…

We have a new set of components using default Maya’s spline solver to address these issues
The components are available in GitHub and will be included in the new mGear release.

But yep even with little translation is usable in games

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Thank you Miquel ! :blush: