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Epic Template Y-Up?

Hi all, I’m trying to build a rig with the metahuman template with a Y world up rather than Z-up, but I’m experiencing some flipping in the thigh joint when I rotate the torso. The rig is fine when the guide is Z-up but the problem starts to happen when I rotate the guide to Y-up, Z-forward (I’m not sure that I’m meant to be able to do this anyway).

If anyone could point me in the direction of what to modify in the component files that would be awesome.

(fwiw I already made changes similar to those in this post: SOLVED: Issue with foot bone orientation--EPIC leg / EPIC foot component - #7 by Chris_Bullock but with no joy so far)

Thanks for the amazing tool!

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Hello @wtfbbqjacob

Thanks for the feedback. I have taken note to check it and I will add a ticket in Github ASAP.