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Export animation data into custom curves for Unreal Engine

Hi, I’m trying to create a Facial Animation Sharing system in UE4 - Here.

For unreal to read the animation data, the FBX file need to have specific channels with curve data inside them (not bone translation/rotation, the bone animation data is actually deleted inside unreal)

it would look like something like this inside unreal:

Base asset that connects the curves to bone movement (like FACS system)

Facial animation with custom curve data that drives the base asset

I currently have a mGear character with face controls that drive bones - very similar to the Wayne rig that was shared here - but I have no idea how I need to setup my rig controls in order to be able to export a fbx file with those custom curves like in the picture above!
can someone point me on the right direction? Thanks!

Make attr on root joint with name of curve that you have in unreal.
For example in ue you have jawOpen pose , to drive it you use jawOpen curve. In maya add root.jawOpen attr that will be driven by controlling. Remmember you drive poses. So this attr should be like weight of pose. I hope it helps.


what script commands would you recommend to use to create those custom attr based on the animation data on the controls?