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Export animation with mGear rig from Maya to 3DSMax

Hi everyone.

I have to make an charcater animation. This animation must be exported to 3DS max for lighting and rendering.
If I use mGear for the rig, do I have the possibility to export the animation to 3DSMax?

Thanks for the support.
Alessandro Melis

anything wrong with exporting and rendering with alembics?

I don’t know. FBX file working with mGear rig?

Yes you can export the mgear’s rig skeleton/skinning and animation (that gets baked into the joints) with FBX. You just can’t export the rig itself as those are just not the same. You just need to give it a try. Different solutions bring different outcomes and they all require digging around. Have fun


I highly recommend alembic for this purpose. Even for rendering and lighting inside Maya it is nice to bake animations to alembic and discard the rig.

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MGear won’t be a problem. You can export to fbx and in my experience. Animation information will be fine. But like other people said you could lose other important info, so a baked animated mesh could be a safer thing to do.

I thank everyone for the support.