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Extract Controls Error

Hello ! ( it’s me again)

Here it is, I want to Extract Controls, but when I select one, or all the controls, no matter which, I have an error message. "# Error: AttributeError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\guide_manager.py line 132: ‘bool’ object has no attribute ‘name’ " I tried a lot of things, but this message appeared no matter what.( We even searched into that python file but found nothing.)
What does that mean please ? Thank you for help !

Do you have a controllers_org group? You should.

Or do you have more than one guide with more than one controllers_org in your scene? You should not. Or if you do, can you describe what you are doing, and then maybe it can be bug-fixed.

If I rename or delete or duplicate that group with the same name, I get the same error.

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The code that is causing this is

When controllers_org doesn’t exist, or is not unique, cGrp = False. And then it tries to use False in the code below. For some reason TypeError isn’t causing the script to stop and fail at that point.

    cGrp = pm.PyNode("controllers_org")
except TypeError:
    cGrp = False # <----- Right here.
        "Not controller group in the scene or the group is not unique",

To support multiple rigs in the scene, the code would have to look at the control you’re trying to extract, see what rig it is parented under (if any), and then find the corresponding guide group. Then it could use the specific controllers_org for that guide.

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Hello !

Ah yeah, the problem was I had severals controllers_org, because I tried several guide and kept them in my outline. I deleted the controllers_org from the old guide and it works without problem thank you !
Thank you for your solution in case I have several rig in my scene ! I note that down.
Thank you for your answer