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Extract Controls weirdness



I am just learning to use mGear recently and I face a problem when I edit the shapes of the control and then rebuild my rig, the leg IK ctl is missing on the right side. I extract the controls again and rebuild, it’s still missing. I checked the controllers_org group under the guide and found that some of the ctl is empty, they doesn’t have any shapes inside.

I am not sure it’s beacuse I am using the control mirror script by miquel posted recently at Control Mirror Tool

I upload the sample scene if someone willing to help me out and check it



the empty shape nodes like you show in the image, will overwrite the existing shape with “nothing”


  1. Delete the empty shape transform nodes (the ones in red in your image)
  2. build
  3. make symmetry again the controls
  4. Extract again the controls



Hi Miquel,

Thanks, it works! I also found that I have to select all the controls before I extract, previously I think I select just the rig group and hit extract, I thought it works like that, no wonder it doesn’t work, stupid me.


Maybe the extract controls tool should find the controls from the selection sets?


Oh yea, maybe it could be context sensitve and depends on what our selection is, extract controls from selected controls, selection set or the group. I am ok with how it works currently, it’s just a beginner mistake on my part, next time I would not forget to select all the controls. But what would be helpful is if there are some messages shown in the script editor to let the beginner user know if things work correctly, like maybe can show how many controls are extracted, or give a warning if wrong selection is made.


It’s always good with a newcomers perspective :slight_smile:

Can you remember what you did the first time you tried the tool?


I was watching the Data Centric Rigging and following the steps, I think I did it correctly the first time, I select the rig_controllers_grp selection set, and press the right arrow key, that will select all the items in the set and then extract. After a few days (because there’s so many mgear videos to watch ) I forgot it, and somehow assume that I know how it work :joy: