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Eye Rig: Influence Eye Target on Eyelids

Let’s call “Influence Eye Target on Eyelids” the features to implement.

The mGear component for the eye (eye_01) create two joint:

The “eye_L0_eye_jnt” skin the eyeball and follow the “eyesAim_C0_ctl”.
The “eye_L0_eyeOver_jnt” skin the eyelid orbicular muscle.

I would like the “eye_L0_Over_ctl” control to also follow the “eyesAim_C0_ctl” to a lesser extent.

What is the best way to do this without destroying the mGear architecture?

Thanks in advance,

Hello @Alessandro_Melis

The easiest way to do this (in my opinion and if I understood your request correctly) is to simple redirect the aim constraint from the eye_L0_eye_npo into the eye_L0_eyeOver_npo.

You can either delete the constaint and recreate it or simply disconnect it from the current target and move it into the correct place…

Hi Jerome.

Okay, so I have a direct rotation on the orbicular area of ​​the eye.

The orbicularis muscle of the eye must move much less than the rotation of the eye (see attached image).

What I would like to do is: read the rotation of the joint “eye_L0_eye_jnt” and transfer it to the orbicular area of ​​the eye passing - though - through a node of multiply \ divide.test

Hi @Alessandro_Melis

It is always better, or at least it helps me more, when people requesting support describe better what the issue is and what they are trying to achieve with this because sometimes a direct answer to the problem/question you are asking is not the most efficient or correct way of doing.

If you want to just edit the inputs to the joints feel free to dive in and add your extra nodes in between the joints driver connections and the joint itself. As you are mentioning is a simple matter of rotation output into another joint input…

Let me know if you are actually stuck because I am a little bit confused with the last post whether if our help is required or not :yum: .

And forgot to mention that if your plan is to later build the eyelids setup with the mGear eyelid thingy this already comes with the soft eyelids system.

I am Italian and it is not easy for me to express certain concepts in English.
I apologize for this.

My difficulty sometimes lies in understanding the mGear rig system which is structured differently (matrices etc.) from how I was used to making rigs by hand.

If mGear already has the “soft eyelids system”, where can I find it?

I thank you for your patience.

No problem @Alessandro_Melis
Try checking this video out. It might help you with the eyelids rig

Thank you very much Jerome.

These are the parameters I used in the new mGear 3.3.1 Eye Rigger tool.
They are correct?
What should I enter in the field “Aim Controller”?
I try with “eyesAim_C0_ctl” but the tool blocks the translation channels of the control… so I think it’s not fair.

Nope you should use the eye_L0_fk_ctl. I agree it is confusing. It is suppose to be filled with the control that is going to aim and not the aiming control itself.

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Perfect. Problem solved!