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Eye Rig weirdness?


Hey guys,

Getting some eye blink weirdness. All the controllers are facing up in the Y and the blink won’t work. I’ve tried a number of variables but I keep getting the same result. I choose different edge loops. Use Z axis for wide calculation…bla bla bla…and keep getting the same thing. Is this common?


i had this also sometimes…
seems like the eye rig connects to the wrong bone…
try the eye joint instead of the head joint…
also check the eyes bones local rotation axis, maybe they facing in the wrong direction?


K…I’ll check…already tried the eye joint and got the same thing


Thanks soulcage! What way should the axis’s be facing?


The joint direction looks fine to me. However, the eye look at controllers were all facing up in the Y and they have been for a few characters I have rigged. I always re-oreintate them myself and move along. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?


does the eye rigger setup working with the flpped controllers as expected? if so you coul just rotate the controllers verteces in place…
maybe you have to do the eye rigger before you make your custom eye target…
or you use the mgear eye target setup…


try this python code modification…here i switched some axis in the code…
the python file goes to …/rigbits/… directory in the mgear scripts directory
then use the reload command at the very far bottom in the mgear menu…
make a backup of the original first so you can go back to the original.

hope it works…


Thanks so much soulcage, however that didn’t work either. Maybe Miguel will chime in. Happy to supply a file to get this working.

Talk soon.


Hi @Chris

Sorry for the late reply, I am still on vacations until next week. Please send me a PM or email with the sample scene. I will try to check ASAP.

This tool makes a lot of assumptions about the expected configuration, probably this situation is something unexpected :stuck_out_tongue:


PS: @soulcage thanks for the heads up here :smiley:


Hey Miguel,

The Project is on hold as other work came in. Finish your vacation! Let’s touch base about it when your back and settled. Just be good to know what I was doing wrong.

Talk soon.