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Eye rigger issue with maya 2018


There is a problem with the mgear eye rigger, it is not working on maya 2018 when you using 2018 to build the rig.
Also with the new update for mgear,

Thank you,

Hi @Paz do you have any error log , sample data or image? I need a little more info to help you.


PD: I have moved your post to a new topic under support category. Please check the categories next time :wink: thanks!

Yes: // Warning: Cycle on ‘curveInfo6.controlPoints[1]’ may not evaluate as expected. (Use ‘cycleCheck -e off’ to disable this warning.)

And when you get this error you can’t move anything in maya.
the reason for that is the eye rigger, before the eye rigger everything fine[=

Thank you!

are you using maya 2018 or 2018.1? or 2018.2 or later? There was a bug in Maya that was fix in 2018.2 version (bug: MAYA-86758)

More info https://knowledge.autodesk.com/sites/default/files/Maya_2018.2_Update_ReleaseNotes_enu.htm

Paz never replied, so I’m just chiming in. I had the same cycle issue on the eyes, and after updating to the latest Maya 2018 SP5, it is resolved.

It was definitely related to that bug. There were no apparent cycles in the DAG.