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Eye rigger not following squash properly

Hey all, I ran into kind of a weird problem…
on a character I’m working on I’ve created such a setup that there is a squash component
under the head control, and all the facial controls are under the squash. when I created the
eyes I set their parent as the squash base control. it does seem to be following the base control
fine but when I try to use the squash itsrlf, they just don’t seem to follow…
when I try to build it with the squash control as the parent, it seems to have double transformations.
does anyone have an idea how to solve this?


Hi @Eliran_Magen

This is expected. Ideally, you should split that part into a different layer and connect it to the squash after the blink deformation part is done.
I was planning to explain that in my facial workshop but sadly I couldn’t finish it due to time constraints. I hope to have the time to finish it one day :sweat_smile: