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Eye rigger Orientation off

Sorry to bring this up here again but alas I have given up. Once again I am getting an abnormal orientation after building the eye rig. Using mgear 3.6.0, Maya 2020.3

Help please!

  • Is there anything parented underneath your eye mesh? Including a constraint?
  • Is your eye mesh separate left and right?
  • Are your controllers named correctly left and right? It almost looks like it is pointing to the right side. I wonder if the right eye aim is being named eye_L0_ik_ctl somehow. Does it look like the Z axis is pointing at anything specific? Or is it just a random funny angle?
  • After it builds like this, is the eye aiming at your correct eye_L0_ik_ctl? Or is that broken?

If you can upload your guide, I’d take a look.


Hi, Chris here is the scene. I not only experience this issue on this particular scene but anywhere I use the eye rigger.


Hey @Ross_Daniel can you please copy and paste the text from “Edge Loop” in your face rigger settings?

I believe the problem is that you might have selected both eyes edge loops at the same time. In your settings screenshot you have edges from the right eye selected. But the controls are for the left side.

If I use just the right side, this is what it looks like (even more wrong):

If I select both sides, it looks like your screenshot (45 degrees to the right):

This is what you should select for the left side:

In your screenshot you have symmetry turned on. Make sure you turn it off when selecting the edge loop for the eyes.


Thank you Chris. You were right about the symmetry, however I am running into another issue where the controls are oriented downward slightly.

Here is the eyes setup json file:

That angle is pointing from the boundingBox center of your eyeball geometry, to the eye_L_over_ctl.

If you wanted to control that angle, the easiest way would be to:

  1. Make your eyeball a complete sphere, which would make the center Z be a bit further back.
  2. Orient and place your eyeball so the center Y position of the geo lies at the same mid-spot between your eyelids.

Actually, I think the eyes tool is designed to use spherical eyes, because the pivot point of eye_L_over_ctl should be at the center of the sphere, so it can rotate perfectly around your eye. And the the eyelids will follow the contour of your eyeball better too.

#1 is more important. The downward angle isn’t really a problem. Blinking and everything will still work. But the fact that your eye pivot is too far forwards will cause the eyelids to leave the contour of the eyeball.

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Chris I tried creating a new sphere Object as the eye ball to see if your theory would work. Nothing seems to have changed.

The angle of your controllers definitely seems less rotated down.

I think the position of that bone is because of the position of eye_L0_Over_ctl, which is your rig parent in your settings.

The position of eye_L_over_ctl - which is the controller that rotates your eye rig - should be placed correctly at the center of the polySphere.

With this test, is anything not working properly?

Same issue after I placed the eye guides in the center of the eye.

Is anything working incorrectly in the rig?

Not as far as I know. This is the only reason I have not used mgear eye setup in my mgear rigs.

Hey Ross,

So the angle is still there, but is the rig working ok? Sometimes my controls have a funny angle, but the blink attributes and everything still works fine.

It looks like your aim arrow control is aiming properly at the eye aim control. That’s an important bit.

Yes the rig is working fine. Ill work with it like this.
Thanks for your assistance!

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