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Eye Rigger - right eyelid controls parent flipping?

Hi! I’ve detected small flips in the eyelid small circular controls on our animations, only on the right side. The cause seems to be the parentConstraint of those control parents (eyeR_R_lowOutMid_npo, although it happens on the 4 of them), which flips its rotationY value from 0 to 180 at random when playing the animation.

Setting the parentConstraint to ‘noFlip’ instead of the default ‘average’ seems to fix the issue, but I’m looking into where this could come from, because each of them are constrained between 2 other controls whose orientation is consistent across all frames.

Has any of you experienced anything similar? I’m using Maya 2019.3.


Well, yeah, setting the parentConstraint to “noFlip” or “shortest” should fix the problem. That’s what I do too.

If you’re just asking why this happens, the answer is pretty much just, “Maya”.

Multiple target constraints often flip. All versions of Maya. This should probably be set to noFlip by default in the build process.


Thanks for your quick answer, Chris, and that’s good to know. I’ll switch to ‘noFlip’ during the build to avoid Maya doing its thing.