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Eye rigger skinning issue

I searched some of the old threads but i havnt found this issue i have here.
Take a look at the video.

The blink does work fine but if i move the look at controler i get a sharp edge in the skinning.
Is this expected?

Is there any documentation about the new facerig tool? I cant fix the issue.

It looks like you need to parent constrain the control that moves all the eyelids to the control that is aiming towards the eye aim.

Something is rotating when you aim your eyes. The eyelids need to follow that. (As far as I can tell from your video.)

I fixed it.

I had to use the Head joint.
If i use the eye joint the weighting gets added to the eye joint and does create does strange result.

I have spoken to fast.
Now the eyelids doesnt move with the head. :smiley:

Shouldnt those joints move with the parent?

Here is the scene file.!AuifS3SkLAM7igGFsM5FfVfLjSNP?e=pCt2Tc

You are focusing on the wrong thing.

The hierarchy of the joints does not matter. The joints follow the eye controls.

The joints are connected to other nodes, via mGear matrix nodes. If you follow those connections, you’re reach other joints. Those joints are constrained to nodes that are connected to curves that drive the blink shapes.Those curves and the blinks are shaped by the eye controllers, which you can see are also not following your rig. You need to constrain those controllers to your head rig. The joints will follow the controls.

This is a screenshot of my rig. Your names may differ.

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Thanks i will do a second look on monday.

It seems to work now.
I moved the controls below the eye.

I have no idea what im doing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your rig parent and aim control are empty. I believe if you fill in the head control in the rig parent and the eye control in the aim control it should be working. And by the eye control I mean the actual eye control and not the eye aim control. The term aim control is somewhat misleading. I’ve never had the issue so it must be working. I don’t have access to a computer at the moment to check.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the input Ralph i give it a try on my next rig.
I have a mGearBeast in the concept phase.