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Face rigging workship - full character


I’ve been following the face rigging workshop videos (good stuff, I like the format). I’ve pretty much got my character’s face rig done (yay). Had to update some python stuff (like the way custom steps are accessed) but for most parts it’s been fairly straightforward work.

I do have a question though - and I realize some of this is very much in the “it depends” territory.

If you have a full character with parts attached to the head (in my case it’s the upper body), are there any good “best practises” for dealing with this?

If the base body has weights painted for the arms etc., I suppose those weights would be done in the main geo. Then the “proportions” local rig / helper geo would supply the weighting for the head and then the extra “layers” (lips, sliding etc.) would add on top of that? Would one typically just assign all of the head geo to a single bone in the main body geo?

I actually somewhat skipped the proportions part in my rig because I felt I didn’t need that sort of flexibility (i.e. I went straight to sliding, lips etc.) but I’ve been thinking about adding that.

Hello @pasi
Sorry for the late reply.

The Workshop is not finished :sweat_smile: I have planned a chapter to explain how to attach it to the body

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I was wondering that as well. how to make the body and rig work togehter