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Facial rig, mirror not working

Hello! I have checked on the forum in case something like the issue I’m having was mentioned before, but haven’t seen anything about it.

I’m using the mGear facial rig for eyes, and although not having any issues creating the rig, I can’t get the “mirror” tool working at all. Works perfectly elsewhere, even lips, created as well using the facial rig tool are correctly mirrored.

Using either, synoptic or right click menu I’m getting this error:

Warning: Flip/Mirror pose fail

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “E:\Dropbox\Maya Plugins-Scripts\mGear\mgear_3.6.0\scripts\mgear\core\”, line 979, in mirrorPose

applyMirror(nameSpace, dat)

File “E:\Dropbox\Maya Plugins-Scripts\mGear\mgear_3.6.0\scripts\mgear\core\”, line 1014, in applyMirror

.format(, attr, e), mgear.sev_error)

AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘name’

‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘name’

Any ideas on how can I solve this?


Hi @Milio
The mirror tool relies on a set of custom attributes. That I am afraid are not in the eyes rigger tool :frowning:
I have logged here:

Thanks for the feedback!

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oh noooooo!!! is there anything i could do to make it work once is built? adding all those custom attributes somehow?


for the moment, you can try adding these attributes


check another mGear control for the exact name reference.

But don’t worry, we should fix this anyway :wink:

I checked and both, left and right have the extra attributes added.


ops! I will need to do more research. I will try to do it ASAP

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thank youuuu!!! he needs you!

new mGear free rig coming soon.



Guybrush Threepwood - Mighty Pirate! As an animator and avid fan of mGear I can’t wait to play with this rig man!

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Hello @Milio

I have checked this issue. But is working correctly on my side :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you send me your rig to check it?

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oh! i have tried in two different computers, same mgear version and same result.
of course I’ll send you the rig if you don’t mind.

thank you!