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Fatal error once plugin is loaded on newest MacOS


I am running Maya 2022 on the newest MacOS Montery 12.3. I know Maya is not native to Apple Sillicon yet, but I really hope there is still a way!

For the installation I followed the install guide for MacOS that was listed here (gave my laptop permission etc.). The plugins pop up in the plugin manager in maya but once I load the CVwrap bundle it crashes immediately. I am at loss, I feel like I have tried everything. Please help :frowning:

Hello @ElineOpje

I am sorry for the trouble, it is a know issue with the M1 apple products. I think it is becasue Cvwrap is using openCL but not 100% sure.
The good thing is that is not needed for any mGear tool. We just vendor it, “as is” from @Chad_Vernon original repository.
Now with the Proximity wrap in Maya working in GPU is less needed, and is only included for backward compatibility with rigs using it. But probably will be not included in the future.

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:
Good to know it’s not necessary!

I am referencing a rig in from a project that I am working on with others, and I do get some errors.
Do you think it’s because I am missing de cvwrap bundle?

These are the errors:
RuntimeError: file <maya console> line 1: Plug-in, "ngSkinTools2", was not found on MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH. #
Unrecognized node type 'ngst2SkinLayerData'; preserving node information during this session.

Or can I just ignore these messages?
I am not animating myself, I’m doing the layouts/lighting/rendering. So maybe this is not an issue for me at all.

that error is related to ngskintools. Is a plugin for painting skinning https://www.ngskintools.com/
The rigger who did the rig, forgot to delete the tool temporal nodes. Should be ok, just annoying message :slight_smile:

Alright! Thank you so much for your help