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Fbx export blendshapes

Hi everyone!
I’ve just been testing the fbx exporter in mgear 4.2.0
It’s awesome for importing the skeletal mesh and joint animation into Unreal, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to export blendshape animation also? ie facial animation, driven shapes etc.
I’ve tried a number of settings from the fbx export animation UI but nothing seems to save any blendshape data (or in fact any geo at all)
I can do this manually by baking all blendshape animation and exporting an .fbx but was hoping as with the joint animation this could be taken care of within this tool.
Many thanks
Adam :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried this tool yet. So this is generic advice:

If you aren’t exporting your geo, you’ll need to store the attributes somewhere else. What I do is have all of my blendshape names on a joint called “blendshape_hooks”. Then that joint is what drives all the blendshapes on the geo. The rig drives “blendshape_hooks.Left_Smile” which connects directly to “face_blendshapes.Left_Smile”.

When I bake, I bake those custom attributes on that joint, and export the skeleton. If UE sees the matching anim curves with the proper name, the morph targets get driven. No geo needed.

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If refactoring your rig isn’t feasible, you could just make the joint, mimic all the blendshapes attributes, and drive them using the same inputs that drive the blendshapes. You’d just be adding a bit, instead of changing how it behaves.

many thanks @chrislesage! that sounds like an elegant solution, I’ll give it a test :slight_smile: