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Fk Chain after Leg_3jnt


Hi there
Quick question here, but first, thank you for your great work on that amazing rigging framework.
I’m trying to add a Fk chain after a leg_3jnt ik but for some reason they’re created under a hidden joint in the world ctrl group. Is there a way to get around this so I can see my controlers ?


Thanks !


Hello @Julien

If you have the foot_bk component I would recommend adding your chain component under the root of the foot component.

If you do not have it then I can suggests placing your component elsewhere and adding the leg into the Ik Reference array (constraint system) list or your chain component that way your chain stills follows the leg system and it is visible.

Normally the connector attribute is meant to define the behavior of the component inside another component but I haven’t had enough time to test this yet so I think @Miquel will be of greater help here.


By the way another solution is just creating a quick shifter post custom step that will chain re-parent the component into the correct place you need.


Thanks @Jerome !
I don’t have a foot_bk actually, and I tried to add the leg into the ik reference array list of my chain, but it seems to put it in the same place. So I guess a quick shifter post custom step to re-parent the chain under the ik foot control would be the best idea.
Thanks a lot for your reply !


Hello @Julien and @Jerome

Yep that is a bug or kind of :stuck_out_tongue: The connector parent should not hide the child components.

I have log it on github: https://github.com/mgear-dev/shifter_classic_components/issues/20


Hehe good to now, it’s a minor bug tho…
Thanks @Miquel !