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Foot Component Alignment Question

Hello everyone, just started experimenting with mGear and watching youtube tutorials on data centric rigging stuff and I am impressed. Great work everyone, community looks awesome too.

I was watching Miquel’s guide placement and there is this one guide(smaller one with the arrow pointing) that I didn’t quite understand the purpose of placement and hoping maybe someone could help me.

Thanks everyone.

Hi @Lethendris

In the default Shifter biped template, there are 2 articulations in the foot. (3 segments = 2 fk controls and joints.) In the foot uiHost, you’ll see these attributes:


That controls how many degrees of rotation until the next segment begins rotating, when you do a foot roll.

It is possible to build a foot with as many articulations as you like. When you create the foot_bk_01 or foot_bk_02 component in the guide manager, you choose the number of segments. You can have less for a more rigid foot with only a toe bend. Or you can make a very bendy foot, for cartoony effects.

This is what 3 segments (2 controls) looks like set to -40 for each foot roll segment:


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Thanks for the quick reply, that was very helpful!