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Foot roll settings


Hi! I’m new to Mgear and i’m looking for a way to modify the foot roll settings. My character has very long feet and needs a higher foot break angle. Is there a way to modify that?
I did some digging in the node editor but was too scared to break of maya…

Thanks for the help

(sorry for my English, I’m trying my best to speek clearly)


Hello @J_htz

If you want a higher control on your foot roll you have several ways to achieve that (because @Miquel is awesome).

You can first increase the number of skin joints and rolling joints when creating the foot component

Secondly you can customize the rolling rotation trigger in your foot UI host.

If you have chosen several rolling joints in the creation process you will have one attribute available per joint so you can really customize the behavior of the roll.

Let us know if this helps before diving into the rig nodes :smiley: as this will require some manual tweaking in the graph or scripting on a shifter custom step.



Thank you so much! I found it.
I may keep you updated just in case. Thank you again