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Gallery from old google group


Saving some awesome works showcase from the old mGear community :smiley:

from Geoff Kirk-Smith 9/12/17
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share our latest piece of work using mGear - it can be viewed here:

Heinz - Geoff:

mGear was awesome - we used the same topo for all the characters, which was handy because once we had the skinning decent on the first one, making the new rigs was simply a matter of readjusting the guide and boom - new animator-ready rig in like, 5 minutes.

I’ve been using mGear for a little while now, and absolutely love it. A big thanks to Miquel for all his hard work!



from Miquel 10/15/17

Some mGear rigging here

Here is the full episode (Only Miroku, the girl from the first video is rigged with mGear)

This is the first time I work for an Japanese Anime production. :slight_smile: I have to confess that I was really surprise for the insane amount of work that takes to make it. Very proud to be part of the Studio Anima Team and ILCA. Congrats to all the team for pull this off!


from Simon Legrand 01/21/17

I all. I just wanted to share the above trailer. I did all the character rigging using mgear.