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Gear bipedal guide - knees crossing when bones are formed?


I’ve been having this issue with several of my rigs. I’m fairly new to modelling in Maya. It seems to have something to do with the rotation/axis of the knee guide, but I’ve seen tutorials where modellers move these guides and adjust them into whatever position they want. I know that these controllers are meant to be position directly in front of the knee?


Are you talking about how the pole vector controls are behind the knee instead of in front?

It looks like your leg is completely straight. Try adding a bit of bend to the knee in your guide. This will tell the rig in which direction to put the pole vector controls. Otherwise, on a perfectly straight line, there is no way to know which way is forward.


Yes, I’m new to rigging in Maya but it’s the controls for the knee, that or some reason want to tuck to the side rather than face forward. I’ll try adding a bend and see if that works!