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Getting errors loading plugins


Hello! Very excited to be giving mGear a try - I’ve built my own modular rigging systems in the past, but I’m super jazzed to work with the community and use something that’s getting such great testing and wonderful feedback!

Just a quick question right off the bat - got mgear installed, and I’m able to use the Shifter… the only problem I’m having at the moment is that for some reason maya is giving me errors when trying to load the plugins. It’s saying that access is denied, even though it can find the plugins on disk, and when I check the permissions they seem to be readable by all.

Here’s the exact error:
Unable to dynamically load: t:/maya/2018/modules/platforms/2018/windows/x64/plug-ins/cvwrap.mll
Access is denied.

I’m getting that for all the plugins included with mgear.

Has anyone else seen that error and found a workaround?



Ah, figured out the solution. I’m not sure why the mll’s weren’t working, but I basically copied them to another location, deleted the original ones, and then copied them back… and now it works.


but thanks to all who were remotely concerned for my well-being. :slight_smile:



Hey Jason, nice to see you jumping on the mGear wagon!

I also ran into a problem with 3.0.3 on Macos. The solvers had something wrong with them, so I grabbed them from 3.0.4 and copied them and it works. Miquel posted about it. The solvers haven’t changed since 2.6, so if ever something really wonky happens, you should able to use an older version too, as long as it is compiled for your version of Maya.


Thanks Chris!

Yeah, I’m excited to jump in - was looking at re-writing my own and thought “Ugh, what a pain… I’d rather use something that already exists!”

I’m looking forward to learning more about it and reading the documentation when it’s available. :slight_smile:


I started writing an unofficial workflow for my own team, and published it here. https://rigmarolestudio.com/mgear-rigging-workflow/

It was written in 2.6, before I upgraded, so a few little things are already out of date, and our pipeline and working directories are quite different now. But hope it helps if you hadn’t already seen it.


Hi @Jason_Schleifer

I am glad to see you here! :smiley:

Regarding the cvwrap deformer. I have to take a look on it , because I am having also issues with it on Maya 2018.5 . Here at the studio some machines just simply crash maya by loading it.
Not sure if is because our compile process or is something related with the code. We just vendor it with mGear, but didn’t touch the code from Chad.

I am only maintainer of the mgear_solvers.mll the other plugins that we vendor are unchanged from the original developers.

btw: which Maya version and OS are you using?


Thanks Chris!

Your page has been very helpful… thank you so much!


Thanks @Miquel!

I think the problem wasn’t on your side, but on the way we manage uploading dlls to our cloud service. There was something about the process that was borking all the dlls (it happened with some other tools as well). I’ve logged a bug for our engineers to investigate. :slight_smile: