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"guide isn't up to date" error (Guide Blades out of scale)


The guide doesn’t seem to be up to date.Check logged messages and update the guide.
Guide loaded from hierarchy in [ 0:00:02.420000 ]

After receiving this message in the Build log I was unable to build my rig and I needed to export it and import it again to get it working, now it’s working fine but the only issue is that my guide blades have blown out of proportion.

Is that a problem? why does it happen and can I just scale them down myself without it causing any issues, it is slightly distracting but I can work around it if there isn’t another option


I believe the original issue with the guide was because of a faulty duplicate or a name change of a control that didnt register. Which is why it makes sense that it is fixed when exporting and importing again. But I dont know why it effects the blades so much :sweat_smile:


deleting the one arm, mirroring it, deleting the original and then mirroring that again seemed to fix the issues for me


Thanks Ruben, this was actually an issue with the lips setup… but i would still like to know why the blades scale up like this when the rig is re-imported and how i can edit them


You can scale down the CV’s of the blade without worrying about it. Just as long as you don’t change the orientation of the transform node. (Its locked by default just in case) As far as i know its shape is just there as a visual ref.

If you have “scale from object center” on in your scale tool settings the blade will scale from the root of the component.


Perfect ! I was hoping that was the case, I tried that and it seemed fine, I was just looking for someone else with more experience to give me the thumbs up ! :grinning: