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¿Guide template with 3 fingers?

Hello, I have a model in which I only have 3 fingers on my hand, and only one on my foot, which, importing a biped guide template, works fine, but when I remove the remaining fingers, it later breaks and the fingers do not work. nor the doll, any solution to this?
I have mGear version 4.0.10.

What happens exactly? What errors do you see?

Hello, the control of the hand simply did not work, it was solved when I reset Maya and went back to building. :smiley:

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Ok glad it worked! :raised_hands: But for the future, if something goes wrong, you have to explain exactly what happens. Otherwise it’s very difficult to help.

Perfect, thanks for the indications, by any chance do you have a discord? It would be nice to put one together for questions, doubts, etc.