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Guides don't build properly

Hello there !

It seems that I have a problem. When i Try to build from my guides, I have an issue when adding the foot.
(image one is when I build without the foot, and second one is when there is the foot added to the guides)

I tried to search in there was any error, and there is this “IndexError: list index out of range” at the end when trying to build the foot, I don’t really know how to fix it nor what it’s supposed to say.

I can post the whole logs if needed.
I’m using Maya 2023 and mGear 3.7
Thanks :pray:

After a few tests, it seems that the problem occurs when I use a foot _bk_01 with 1 section number (which of course is what I need).

I can’t tell what your problem is from those screenshots or your description.

My suggestion:

  1. Load the biped template and compare how the guides are setup. Maybe you parented the foot under the wrong part of the leg guide.
  2. Show us a screenshot of your foot guide in the Outliner, so we can see how you parented it. And possibly also your guide settings.

The error log might help. You don’t need the whole log. Just the portion near the end that has the entire error message.

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