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Gumroad Video Tutorial: Introduction to mGear's SHIFTER Modular Rigging System



Finally, I have managed to put some time aside to prepare a new video tutorial. This time is a basic introduction to mGear. But I am also working second part for this one with more intermediate level and my Facial rigging tutorial will follow shortly after :slight_smile:

Here is a little introduction:

An Here is the description from Gumroad.
This video tutorial is aimed at anybody who is looking to start rigging with mGear. Also, Animators and Modelers can use mGear to quick setup characters.

The tutorial is organized by topic in 19 chapters/videos to make it easy to follow and rewatch.

Also, all the files, scripts and sample data is included, so you can follow step by step from any chapter of the tutorial

Level: Basic

Duration: 3hr

Software used: Maya 2018.6 + ngSkinTools + Studio Library

mGear can be download from here:

Shifter overview
How to use Shifter’s guides and settings
How to edit the controls shapes and store it
How to use and edit the biped template
Quick skinning techniques and tips
How to apply motion capture data using Maya’s HumanIK
How to prepare the rig and export the rig to Game Engines

Character model by