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Hand FK control problem

First of all, thanks for mgear! :slight_smile:

I’m having this strange behaviour, where I was animating an arm, and after a few saves, I realized the hand was no more working… The hand joint is totally of from its FK controller.
I don’t know how I’ve done that, but I’m having some strange behaviours when selecting a few controllers together and trying to copy/paste some keys (say, the upper arm, lower arm and hand).

You can see on the pictures what is the problem and how I had to rotate in a strange position the hand controller for he hand to be “where I put it” :slight_smile:

Hope someone can enlighten me! And sorry if that is me using badly mGear…
Thanks a lot!

Hello @francois,

Sorry for the late reply.

It is hard to tell from the pictures. can you send us a sample data?


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Oh Miquel, please forgive me… If your answer was “late”, I don’t know how to call mine :confused:
I’ve no more access to that old file…
The next time I will pay more attention when waiting for a reply.
But thanks anyway for having been ready to help!