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Hand joints missing


I keep getting this problem which only fixes after I restart maya and build the biped template in a new project

Where are the joints which are supposed to be where i marked red?


What OS? What version of Maya? The joints DO show up after you restart Maya? Does the rig still work, or is it broken when this happens? Do you get any errors or warnings when you build?


Windows, maya 2019.
For the joints to work I must restart a new maya scene from scratch and rebuild the template.
The rig doesn’t work properly after build because the hand control doesn’t move the hand.

Now that I’ve compared my template to the original I realize that some of the components are not parented properly, as to how that happens, I dont know. It only happens to the ones I’ve modified and saved.

Mgear default biped template

my template


Further testing reveals whenever I export a template and import it the parenting get’s messed up. But whenever I import it in a new maya scene the parenting is good.


Ok I can confirm now that the error happens whenever there is another guide in maya. I must have no guides, some how the previous guide interferes?


This issue was fixed in mGear 3.0.4.
But if the guide is already messed will not fix it. You need to re-parent manually 1 time and export again

can you confirm? thanks


I have been using 3.0.4 and the error still happens. Like I said, it only happens when I import a template with another template in the outliner already.