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Help regarding blend shape based facial rigging


Hi @Miquel,

Sorry to bother you. I’ve been learning great stuff from the data centric rigging videos in youtube. In the facial you have explained how to rig with joints using lips and eye rigger which was fun stuff to learn. But could you please do a video explaining how to work with facial blend shapes and integrating it with the lips and eye rigger stuff.

Right now in my production we are working on a creature which needs really high end flexibility. So I asked my modeler to make some blend shapes for it . But when I add my blend shapes I cant give them as correctives as the skinning is affecting the shape. Is there a way to integrate both of them together. Could you please provide me with a solution for this.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @niteshms04

I didn’t finish the datat centric rigging workshop yet, because lack of time. I hope to finish it in some point, but nothing sure 100%.

Meanwhile, here is a couple of rigging tutorials/class that may help you (But not free :stuck_out_tongue: )

English Tutorials:

Spanish Tutorials:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you. I hope you finish the series. :slight_smile: