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HELP..when i select ctl it's ctlShape been selected,have to go outliner to select the ctl



please see attached image, I don’t know when and why it happens but I can’t see the translate rotate scale date cuz seems the ctlShape been selected when i click on my controller. i have to go outliner to select the ctl again and able to select the correct things and see the translate rotate scale data.
any one knows how to fix it?
thanks in advance!!



hi @Lulu

I faced this issue before. Basically when controls are added to a Display layer and the template ( T ) or reference ( R ) is switched on you cannot select the control nodes as they are locked. Instead it selects the shape node underneath it. You can select your control nodes once you switch them off. I’m not sure if there is any other reason for this. Hope this helps.


Hi niteshms04,

Thanks very much for your reply, the problem been solved after I empty the display layer. You are really helpful!