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How do I install mGear on my Mac?

Hello, I’ve been trying to install mGear on my Mac, and it hasn’t been working for me. I’ve looked through all the form posts and YouTube videos available to try to see how to install this plugin for Maya to no luck. Although it seems to make some difference because when I boot up Maya it says “autoLoadPlugin.mel line 35: Loading plug-in “mota” has resulted in changes to the scene” This was the result of me changing the mGear.mod file by changing the bottom text to “+ MAYAVERSION:2020 PLATFORM:mac mGear 2.6 ~/Desktop/mgear_2.6.0/platforms/2020/osx/x64 scripts: …/…/…/…/scripts” . But when I booted Maya up the mGear tab wasn’t there. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help with this because I’m completely lost.

Am I reading this correctly? You are attempting to install mGear 2.6? And you modified the module folder to include 2020 in it? Did you download the latest Maya 2020 solvers to put in the proper folder?

When I try to load mGear 2.6 in Maya 2020, I get this error:

// Error: AttributeError: file /Users/chrislesage/Downloads/mgear_2.6.1/scripts/mgear/vendor/ line 901: 'module' object has no attribute 'QStringListModel' // 

So I think you are looking at the wrong error. The mota plugin doesn’t have anything to do with mGear. Can you please post the entire contents of your script editor after launching Maya?

You might have to upgrade mGear, or downgrade Maya. I can personally tell you Maya 2018 and 2.6 work together. But I don’t know if Miquel is supporting mGear 2.6 in Maya 2020 anymore.

(Are you staying in mGear 2.6 for a specific reason?)

My apologies, I’m using mGear 3.6.0. I wrote it wrong in the mGear.mod but after changing that it still doesn’t work.
the form post i’m getting this info from is Hoover900’s comment on this form post: Mac install isues

Is there any video/form post you can send me to that properly shows how to install mGear on Mac. There official post I could find was this video people said applies to mac as well but it the video the Guy says this is a bad way to do it, and he’s showing the process on a windows pc.

Ah! I see. That makes more sense. You are referring to a post from 2018. You can sort posts by date when searching the forum.

Try this instead. You don’t need to be modifying the contents of the .mod file!

  1. Download mGear and unzip the contents.
  2. Run this command to remove quarantine restrictions in MacOS Catalina, otherwise it won’t let you run the mGear plugins: sudo xattr -r -d ~/Downloads/YOUR_PATH_HERE
  3. Move everything underneath “release” into the “modules” folder of your Maya preferences. Don’t move the actual release folder. The .mod has to sit in modules.

example (and you might have to make this folder: /Users/chrislesage/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2020/modules

Alternatively, if you want, you can install mGear anywhere, by putting it anywhere on your computer or server and use your Maya.env to point to mGear instead. Install mgear in mac os

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Thanks for the help!

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hello I followed these steps and it still doesn’t appear in maya for me?

Hi @Austin,

That is not enough information.

  • Show a screenshot of your modules folder.
  • Or explain any errors you see.
  • Say what version of mGear.
  • Say what version of Maya.
  • Explain exactly what you tried.

Otherwise, it is impossible to know what the problem could be.