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How do I regenerate a controller

Hello, what should I do if I’ve generated a controller for a previous project and I want to remove the controller later and make it into a version that hasn’t generated a controller yet

Hello who can help me solve this problem

Do you mean you want to delete the custom controller shape that you previously extracted?

Go into guide|controllers_org

Find the specific *_controlBuffer you want to remove, and just delete it. For example, if your control is foot_R0_bk1_ctl, the controlBuffer will be foot_R0_bk1_ctl_controlBuffer. If Shifter doesn’t find the _controlBuffer node, then it will make a default control icon.

No, no, no, I meant to remove the entire mgear generated controller, which is equivalent to removing the entire rig group, but I deleted the rig group directly, and the weight skeleton will be shifted, so I think I may have deleted it the wrong way, and I want to ask if there is a correct way to remove the rig.

Like something that is only joints and mesh? If that’s the case, what I usually do is select all joint hierarchy and meshes, then “Export Selection” and then reimport that fbx back to delete “rig” group
-because that also comes in the fbx and I assume because it still has some connections with joints- then reexport all

No, exporting fbx will break some constraints because I’m generating the controller on metahuman and exporting fbx directly to root_drv and root will break the constraints.

What I want is similar to what advancedSkeleton does. Click on build advancedSkeleton to generate the controller.

Clicking on ToggleFit/adv will make a toggle that visually changes to the previous version of the generated controller, but basically just hides the generated group.

Clicking delete adv is to completely delete the generated adv component and change it back to the version before the controller was generated.

You could try searching for ‘mgear_matrixConstraint’ nodes and deleting them. Those are what mGear uses to constrain joints to the controls, so if you delete only those it should not break any of the default Maya constraint types.

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If I don’t want the controller either, can I delete the ‘mgear_matrixConstraint’ node first and then delete the ‘rig’ group and the scense will be completely clean?

Yup! Once the mgear_matrixConstraint nodes are deleted you can delete any controls from shifter.

That’s what I have been doing at least.

Okay, I get it. Thank you.

I tried but once I deleted the scene, it just stuck