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How to achieve Advance Face Rigging in mgear?

Hi guys,
I’m new with mgear and literally impressed with the capabilities and loving it but I was wondering do we have advance face rigging in mgear or something else like what we get in advance skeleton?

It would be very helpful if you can guide me with advance face rigging stuff.


There are not automatic tools like Advanced Skeleton has. But you have a framework of tools, like eyelids, lips, and brows and Python post processing scripts that you can use to build your own face pipeline. In my opinion this is more flexible when you have very custom faces to finish.

If you are looking for “advanced”, you should give more information or examples of what you want to do. Otherwise, check the video tutorials and search the forum as a first step.

Hi chris
Thanks a lot for the tip, I’ll go through video tutorials and forum first then let you know


Can I ask, which videos are the best at covering the facial rigging tools?

Miquel’s Facial Data-Centric Rigging is the most complete tutorial right now.