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How to apply rig controls setup (colours/scales etc) to new rig

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to mGear and I’d like to know if it’s possible to save or export a rig configuration that I’ve already created. I’ve tried searching the forums here but think I may be searching for the wrong thing as all I seem to be able to find is info on exporting a guide rig template and not the control rig setup.

I’ve already setup one of my characters and have adjusted the colours/shape and scales of the controls to my liking, what I’d like to be able to do now is build a new rig for a different character then somehow apply the same changes & edits that I’ve already made for the previous character to this one.

Any help would be great,



Hey there @James_Ovnik,

Welcome to the mgear forum! :grinning:

Couple of things that you can do, is select the control set, select all set members:

Then run the command called extract controls:

This will store all your controls into a group called controllers_org

Then when you are happy with that setup of the guide and controls, you can export out your guide out to disk (all json data, so you could even edit the file itself once you are more comfortable and are needing to make changes)

Then in a new scene, import that guide, adjust to the character and build again and you should be good to go!

Hope that clears something up for you! :smile:


Amazing, thanks so much for your help!