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How to create Fingers with FK/IK blending?


Hi there,

I would like to create a hand rig with FK/IK blending on the fingers. I looked at the fingers on the Biped Template and noticed that they are made using the ‘chain_01’ component. I tried setting the Mode on the fingers to ‘FK/IK’, however when I build the rig and animate the IK controllers, the fingers do not bend.

  1. How do I correctly set up FK/IK blending on fingers?

I have also tried to use the spline components for fingers but I noticed that when I build the rig, the joints do not respect the positions of the little yellow guides and my fingers do not have the correct proportions.

  1. Is there a way to force spline chains to place joints at the yellow guides?

Fingers are different from other IK (like legs and arms) since there are three joints instead of two.

  1. Is it possible to increase the number of joints to 3 for arm or leg components?


@davidbk if the fingers are 100% straight will not work. You need to have a little bend to determine the prefer angle for the IK solver.


Thanks Miquel! That solved it!