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How to do this with mGear?

I’ve gone over all the components and tried to figure out how to set up this type of behavior with mGear and I’m just coming up short… I’m sure I’m missing something because this seems quite basic and simple. and don’t want to set this up ON TOP of mGear… and its more so the fact that i can’t figure it out that’s bothering quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just 3 IK chains. and for the life of me i can’t seem to get this to work. i’m sure i’m missing some basic knowledge or key component in this…!

Thank you!

Not exactly the same but close enough :upside_down_face:

  1. Grab biped template
  2. Replace “foot” component parented to ankle with two “chain_01” components, 1* divisions.
  3. Rotate “chain_xx_root” so they point down to ground.
  4. On “Chain_01” settings, make it be on “IK Mode” and include “Global” as “IK Ref Array”.
  5. Build, Check results, Adjust guides, Rebuild, repeat.

*not sure if used 1 or 2 divisions, but you can try both and see how many fits better.

Yeah i tried that… and i’m REALLY not getting the same results as you. . .
First off when i put the Chain_01 to 1 division it doesn’t even generate a joint for me.

And when i put it to 2 divisions it only generate the first joint and does not generate the last one in the chain. that’s why I’m stumped… What you described above is what i did initially… but to no avail…

Any way you can send me that guide so i can take a look at it?

So i went ahead and rebuilt the set up just to show what i get.

its the exact same thing except that the Chain_C0 has 2 divisions and Chain C1 only has 1. (did that to show what i get)
Here are the screen shots and I’ll include a little gif so you can see what i get.



and this is what i get when i generate that set up :

See how the last joint in the chian is just NOT being generated? and the chain where i set it to 2 divisions is doing some strange invisible ik elbow bend type thing?

my guide looks like this :

Yeah, I think the one with 2 divisions was what I used.

Try placing the guide handles (yellow) in a way that the middle and the last ones stay close to the ground and close to each other.

I can send you the guide later but you are about to get the results I got, just matter of tweak the guides.

Here is the guide. Hope it helps! :v:t6:

Ah thx so much.

Yeah thats what i was getting as a result to. but if you look closely at the “chain_C1_1_jnt” and “chain_C0_1_jnt” joints. they are doing all sorts of strange rotations when you move “leg_C0_ik_ctl” down. also the IK target is not ON the actual joint its where the end joint of the chain is and its where it didn’t generate a joint. :frowning: i have no clue how to get around/fix that.


But, Thank you for taking the time though, its VERY much appreciated.