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How to Uninstall?

How do you uninstall mGear?

I’ve unchecked from plugins window and deleted the .mll from the directory:

But the mGear menu still appears at the top. I can’t find anything in the documentation or on the forums related to uninstall. Thanks for any help.

Hey there @lucas, what version of mgear are you using? There is a drag and drop installer file that comes with the download of mgear. It can help you uninstall mgear with a click of a button.

Otherwise if you want a quick manual way of doing this, you can go to your maya modules folder located:
Within that folder there are three things to remove, platforms, scripts, mGear.mod
Restart Maya, and you should be set to go.

Hope that helps! :grinning:

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Thanks that did it! :slight_smile:

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