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How to urn off lip collision

Is there away to turn off the behaviour where the bottom lip pushes up the top lip?

its an option on the channel host of the mouth rig. you need to create a control_01 component and put it in the options of the mouthh rig as a channel host.

however, speaking of the mouth rig, i noticed a strange behavior if the jaw is translated forward or backward and then closes: the jaw will go also forth and back to match the upper jaw suddenly. Think it would be cooler if the lip collision works only in Y

I am afraid there is no option to remove that behavior with the current component design

I was just running into this as well - Especially since the upper teeth joint moves as well. yikes!

@Jason_Schleifer and @david_s
This behavior was requested by my previous animator supervisor in Montreal. But I see that not everybody likes it :stuck_out_tongue: I will look onto that. :slight_smile:

For the moment I was thinking that one trick to workaround this is to create another upper lip and teeth controls using control_01 and use it instead of the mouth component.

I have log it here:

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Heya @Miquel!

I used this as an opportunity to learn how to create my own components.

I really like how the jaw part of the mouth rig was set up, so I’ve duplicated it, removed the lips and the auto-behavior.

One question I have is about making new shapes - is there a way of making new icons for shapes other than modifying I’d like to add a few extra shapes, but don’t want to override so updating to the new version of mgear is easy. :slight_smile:

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Also found that the upper teeth rotate with the jaw - so I pulled them higher in the hierarchy, and also thought it might be helpful to have some controls that move halfway from the jaw in case I want to parent cheeks or lips to them - so I added some of those as well.

It’s quite fun figuring these custom components out. :slight_smile:

Hi @Jason_Schleifer

That is great!! :smiley:

You can use the module to export/import curves
import_curve will create a new curve and update_curve_from_file will update existing curves
I use that in a custom step
I was planning to create a nice UI to use it, but was postponed :stuck_out_tongue:

Please share the component when it is done! I would love to see your version :smiley: