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Humanoid Rig with mGear


Finished my rig for my main character using mGear, it’s a good auto-rigger!
From what I’ve seen mGear creates a little too many controllers in the arms and legs (the round shaped controls at the elbow and shoulders, I don’t really understand their use, same for the round shaped controls for the legs) but nothing that can’t be hidden using Object Display > Visiblity for each shape that’s in the controller.

I also used the Dynamic Chain Setup tool to rig the hair and coat to have simulations on them.

Since there are quite a few controllers on this rig, I use a hotkey to toggle between the controls of the body, hair & coat.

The only struggle I’ll have with this rig is to make the hair simulations loop (1st and last frame).

The animation’s a bit slowed down in the video where I show the controls.

Thanks for mGear Miquel!


Hi @Jeremy
Nice animation! I finally had time to check it. And thanks for the feedback, but not sure about the round controls you taking about. Can you tell me the name of the control or add an screen capture?

Usually controls have lock the visibility because many are already connected , you have some options in the top node: