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I have a wrist rotation problem

I’ve followed the tutorial’s guide and made my rig with mGear. But my wrist control doesn’t work at all. I cannot rotate the wrist. [wrist|690x453]

I’ve made the wrist rig several times. The results are the same, it doesn’t work.
What did I do wrong?

Hi @jamesrigger
Please check this option setting for the rotation tool.

thanks for answering my question.

I checked out the option settings for the rotation tool.
I don’t check on the option, however it still doesn’t work.

Does everything work except for the wrist?
Is your guide custom or the system’s default bipedguide?
Does this problem occur in the default bipedguide?

Hello @jamesrigger

If you are on IK and you selected to build the Ik Arm with rotations into a separated control then it is normal that the IK control do not affect the rotation of the wrist/hand. Could you please share you guides template please so that I can take a look?


yes, everything’s good except for the wirst.

My guide is the system’s default bipedguide.

yes, it occurs in the default bipedguide.

I don’t know yet how to set the custom guide though.

This is my guide. Take a look at it plz.



I checked your guides. The issue comes from your guides. You need to parent your meta_L0_root and armUI_L0_root under the arm_L0_eff node. Same for the other side I guess :wink:



oh! Bravo!!!

I fixed my parenting problems you pointed out.
It’s working perfectly.

Thanks to you, Jerome, my headaches go away.