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IK/FK Match for quadruped?


I’m continuing in my rigging adventures of my quadruped, and i’m putting up the finishing touches, but I’ve noticed that i’m somewhat stuck here. I know the Biped template has an IK/FK match in the synoptic view. But when i pull up the quadruped synoptic its not there. is there a way to set it up manually and if so could someone point me to it?

Thank you.

this might help you

Synoptic is just legacy. Animpicker is providing pretty much everything in a better way and fully customizable to adapt it to your rigs.


i just noticed the “This might help you” was a link… lol… my bad i’ll check it out.

but is there a tutorial on how i plug in the IK/FK matching scripts from mGear into the buttons that get created?


also the drop box link says “this item was deleted”

it should work, is in my public dropbox.

ik/fk matching requires running additional scripting/python…what mgear buttons do you mean?
That’s why animpicker coms handy, to add all rigging functions easily.
However, maybe someone more technical could help you.

thank you for the 2nd link it worked.

As for the button, lets say i use the AnimPicker to set up a GUI, since the Synoptic view has an IK/FK match built into it. how do i go about doing that in my custom set up?

I beleve the AnimPicker set up provided by default automatically matches the IK to the FK and vice versa when you switch form one to the other.

So can i just go in the custom set up of the button and copy and paste that code, match the names to make it work in my custom set up?

Custom script

yeah! It is exactly how it works. Just set your control names there and run the script to test it out.
Animpicker doesn’t provide all features by default. The existing templates are there as examples and will only work 100% with the default biped template. Anything else is up to you to create, to match your custom rig. Cheers!

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