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AnimPicker Quadruped Picker Template

Anybody have one to get started with? If so, can it be added to the default download?


Creating you own anim picker is super easy!!.
Just add items and arrange them (somehow!) For the scripting actions, just take the existing ones from the biped picker and change the names to match your control names.

I haven’t tested it out 100%, so, it might be something odd. But is a good start for the default quadruped template. You can iterate from there, adding, re-arranging the positions, colors and sizes as you wish.
Also missing all the space switch options, also easy to add by copying and paste the code from the biped picker. Ill do it later…

Hope you find it useful.


Think that is everything related to space switch ref, legs front and back, up vector and also eyes look at.

I also added nice functionalities, like Reset Selected, Mirror select, mirror and flip pose. Some of them buddied by @Mac

File updated.



link is not working anymore !