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Ik Neck Stretch is rotating/scaling joints?


I’m having the strangest issue. Its happening with both the neck guide and the FK/Ik Spine guide.

I’ve created a neck guide, to witch i have linked 3 bones : a jaw and a set of ears.

When i move the “neck_C0_ik_ctl” forward to stretch the neck it starts rotating and or scaling the jaw and ears. I’m assuming it has something to do with the IK stretch. Because when i set the “max Stretch” parameter to 1 the scaling/rotating on the joints goes away. But is there no way to stretch out the neck then without having its children go all wonky?

(same thing happens when i try to replicate the set up with a spine guide instead of a neck guide and i move the spine IK controller)

I’m supplying a sample scene that can be found on the link below I’ve simply parented cubes to the joints so we can more easily see whats going on.


Any insight is VERY much appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @Hobbz

May I know the Maya version that you are using? Some Maya versions have the shear attr in joints disabled and may create similar effects to the one you describe Skewing body parts in Maya 2019

can you try to build with force uniform scaling option?

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You sir are my Hero!

Yeah checking that option totally fixed everything and yes i am on maya 2019. . . guess i’ll see if we can move onto another version.

Was working on this late at night and i thought i was going crazy…

Muchisimas Gracias!!