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Ik Pos switch space not working in synoptic



We have a custom rig with this component “arm_2jnt_freeTangents_01”.
When trying to generate the synoptic we have issues with ik pos switch space.
We are getting pops on the elbow and the hands are not following the components (spine_C0_root, spine_C0_effector, etc) we specify in the combo box.

We guess our rigs are missing one element to make this switch operation. Comparing with biped template the component “arm_2jnt_01” creates one group named “ik_rot” which is reflected in the Qt Synoptic. For example, to make the “snap ik/fk” work we had to remove this element, Is this affecting to the switch space operation?

Can you help us?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Jaime_Bescansa

I will check this . Here is the ticket in github



Thanks so much Miquel!

Best Regards


Hi Miquel,

Thanks for the quick respoonse. I think apparently the problem was on our side. We made it work without any pop (at least so far) setting the Dinamic properties in Qt Desiger as specified in the image, and making sure that every attribute, node specified in there exists in our scene. Also we made sure that, in the guide, inside of the arm_2jnt_freeTangents_01 :



This is working so, I think you could close the ticket…:slight_smile:

Thanks veru much Miquel!

All Best



@Jaime_Bescansa thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: I will close the ticket